March On

When darkness shrouds your palace And you await the sign Hang in there my friend A ray of light will shine Preachers preach, doers do Look within, not what surrounds you You are like the water, gentle yet fierce A tide will rise soon March on, the day will come You have many miles to... Continue Reading →

It Rained Today

It rained today The weather report had predicted before But some event would unfold I had never known It rained today And suddenly I felt that cold It had memories of the past I could feel it within me once more While I was still breathing My thoughts whirled inside If I cried, I wouldn't... Continue Reading →


My skin withers My legs grow colder And I sing for joy The night slowly darkens I sit in the pavement As I watch the road Moving cars in fast lanes Kids watching my suitcase My home is gone And when the wind blows I shudder and feel old Drunk my sorrows, no regrets Tonight... Continue Reading →

Our Time

Like the wind, a subtle touch Your cheek as it rests on my shoulder Palms clasped gently, soft caress Your eyes, deep with warmth The night is a sweet rapture Then you settle in my arms Seconds pass like hours I feel your breath, soft and serene I don't want to let you go I... Continue Reading →

The Sea

Blue as the sea Gentle yet fierce Words trapped to speak For once she might suffer His mind still revolts The heart grows fonder Flips page after page And the story grows longer Plots through his head A treasure of dreamless spirit He wriggles to pass through Careless, misgivings Behind calmness of blue Run currents... Continue Reading →


A prayer Would echo the long halls While you sat, solemn and full of faith Did you wish? As I understand - no Gods wouldn't laugh at your ways It was deep and meant something No, it wasn't thankfulness It was devotion And why? I shall never know A mountain of joy And another of... Continue Reading →

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