Playing with Chords – Celery

TL;DR In this post, I will walk through how to use “chord” structure in Celery. The Basics Chords is a complex workflow that is present in Celery. It is a combination of two things – Groups – Groups are a way of combining several independent tasks so that they run in parallel. In a previous post, … Continue reading Playing with Chords – Celery

Using Celery with Flask

In this post, I will talk about using Celery with Flask. I’m going to assume that you have completed this tutorial on Celery. Basic Flask app structure Assume that we have written a nicely working Flask app which now needs to do some backend processing. Here’s our basic Flask app structure: +–myapp_dir/ +–app/ +–static/ +–templates/ +–utils/ +–views/ … Continue reading Using Celery with Flask