UIKit Rocks

When I published this site in June, it was insane. I had spent an entire day trying to rewrite the whole UI on UIKit and it didn't work. With a splitting headache and spending 12 hours in front of my laptop I finally decided, to surrender to Bootstrap. After almost losing hope with UIKit and... Continue Reading →

Time and Travel

My name is Idris Maymoon Samataar Guleed. Previously of Dikhil. Now an eternal traveller seeking the measure of man and earth! An excerpt from Idris by Anita Nair As I read this the first time, it intrigued me. How did Anita Nair manage to capture such a phenomenally simple idea? Read it again, you'll find... Continue Reading →


My skin withers My legs grow colder And I sing for joy The night slowly darkens I sit in the pavement As I watch the road Moving cars in fast lanes Kids watching my suitcase My home is gone And when the wind blows I shudder and feel old Drunk my sorrows, no regrets Tonight... Continue Reading →

Our Time

Like the wind, a subtle touch Your cheek as it rests on my shoulder Palms clasped gently, soft caress Your eyes, deep with warmth The night is a sweet rapture Then you settle in my arms Seconds pass like hours I feel your breath, soft and serene I don't want to let you go I... Continue Reading →

The Sea

Blue as the sea Gentle yet fierce Words trapped to speak For once she might suffer His mind still revolts The heart grows fonder Flips page after page And the story grows longer Plots through his head A treasure of dreamless spirit He wriggles to pass through Careless, misgivings Behind calmness of blue Run currents... Continue Reading →

On a Monday of Life

Her eyes filled with tears. She was still gathering herself together in the bathroom. Anna kept calling mom, and she knew she had to step out and talk to her daughter. It was tough and she wished she could creep up on her bed and sleep, probably take the day off. Maybe I am a... Continue Reading →

Know God

Found this quote on a board in the park Know God, Know Peace No God, No Peace I wondered if it could be Know God, No Peace No God, Know Peace It's all about perspective! Happy weekend.

The Last Drink

"When I was a kid", he spoke softly, "I liked clicking photographs." The hearth had a fire and his hand, a glass of Whiskey. The air was cold and the chair rocked to his swing. "I also liked to be in them and smile for them but nobody cared to have me in their films."... Continue Reading →

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