Taking A Break

The last three days have been a pleasure to say the least. I find myself constantly watching Netflix, reading or cooking. The last time I took a break like this was probably March 2015 when I was between jobs. I’ve taken breaks after and traveled with friends or been home to meet my family but this is different. Something about this break feels new and rejuvenating. I guess I needed it because of the constant deadlines and work related items going through my mind the last few months.

Star Trek has captivated my imagination with Physics. There are some ground breaking discoveries happening such as this one last year which I stumbled upon yesterday. I’m fixated about Quantum Mechanics now, something I had loved during my high school days and somehow lost interest in later. I might end up purchasing a copy of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking before I resume my Quantum Mechanics journey to come up to speed on the latest advancements in Physics. I find myself increasingly fascinated by economics too but that will take a lot of time to understand since I do not have the necessary fundamentals in place to learn. Maybe I can pick up another book about it.

Bedtime Read - The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

I am disillusioned by fiction these days and I might attribute it to the book I have been reading for several months - The Count of Monte Cristo. Either Alexandre Dumas made it really slow and boring or the writer who translated it did a very shoddy job. I do not know which of them is true for me. I just know that I do not want to drop the book I picked up to read.

I used to mention that I regret nothing and I did not until now. But I felt the change today. During my days studying engineering, I should have taken the time to read more. I read but a few novels, watched a lot of movies and learnt a few songs on the guitar. Some of it helped and others did not. I could have utilized the time to read more books and that might have made me feel better today, looking back.

I discovered Farnam Street Blog recently and subscribed to their mailing list. I get an email on Sunday night with a list of curated articles for the week and I ignore a lot of their didactic articles about “becoming intelligent”. Quite frankly, you could interpret it as you are already not intelligent enough which is why you are reading them. It could also give you a snobbish attitude about yourself which could end your interactions with people leaving them pissed off - a behavior of mine, I’ve realized and am trying to change. That said, they do share some good articles which I pick up to absorb more knowledge or as a starting point for a reading/discovery of my own.

Anyway, I’m juggling a lot on my plate and I think I should use this time off to organize my days going forward. I was supposed to write a post about the state of my new year resolutions last year and what I wished to improve this year. I think that is my post lunch exercise.

Until then, adios!

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