Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde

I am super disappointed today. I spent a lot of time trying to move my site away from GitHub Pages to Wix. I love Wix and I find it extremely easy to create layouts in it. I had almost completed this process and I realized there were more limitations that I disliked.

Jekyll & GitHub Pages Limitations

To start with, I want to share the limitations of Jekyll that I wanted to address by moving over to Wix.

  • It’s complex and has a learning curve. So if I have to modify things tomorrow, I need to re-learn Jekyll.
  • I’ve not been able to add widgets that I wish to have on my blog. The simplest one among them is archives.
  • I cannot write blog posts on my mobile because of the way Github Pages works.
  • I am unable to separate my tech work from personal. This is important so any person who vists for tech doesn’t have to search my blog too much.

Wix Limitations

Wix solves all of the above problems but introduces new ones.

  • I’m going to have to move my zone file to Wix while I migrate. This is screwing up my page load time because I currently have Cloudflare for performance.
  • Wix has mobile and desktop version but the tablet page wasn’t rendering as I would like it to be.

As much as these look small they are way more important to me. I would definitely like low load time and better tablet experience.

Enter Mr. Hyde

I kept wondering what was the biggest limitation I was trying to address – being able to blog more from my mobile. I was certain that this problem should’ve been solved by others like me. After searching a bit, I found out about Mr. Hyde.

The only way I could try Mr. Hyde was by sharing my views through a post. Here’s how it looks on my phone.

Playing around a little bit more. Here are more shots of what it’s capable of.

There were certain file permission issues and my images didn’t load. Fixing all that, I must admit, I am impressed with Mr. Hyde.

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