Launching My Website

Today is a big day. I’m launching the first few pages of my website There are so many ideas that I do not want to clutter my drawing board with them. I’m trying to make this post happen in 15 mins before I can push out my first development version of the code.

This website is being powered by some really cool projects – Bootstrap (front end web framework for creating awesome web pages), Django (a Python based web application framework which I really enjoyed coding in the past), Openshift (Red Hat free cloud hosting service). I’m slowly moving into using CloudFlare for content delivery but that might just take a few months. Apart from these, I am readily exploring available options to put stuff I like.

The website has multiple purposes –
1. Having your own domain is cool. Let’s admit, we all like saying “my website”.
2. I get to code and do what I really like.
3. I can blog about what I really want under my own domain.
4. I can promote my technology exposure where I am working currently and where I might work in the future.
5. Have a strong online presence.

I have experience creating a couple of websites and the toughest part for me is the visual display of the page. In both cases, I struggled to have a page view which looked aesthetically pleasing and I get bored very quickly. This time around, I am trying to change the entire layout in my head and use the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) principle. Couple that with Django’s DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, this is certainly going to be a challenge.

That said, today the website can get you to my current blog address (the one you are viewing one) but all of this content will migrate under very soon and I even have plans to include RSS Feed and Email subscriptions but let’s see how it goes.

P.S. Some of you familiar with hosting might ask me why not AWS, it is free for a year? It is because –
1. I don’t have the need.
2. I have to install and manage a webserver apart from the application server and technically that is a bigger challenge (I might cover that someday in a tech blog post).
3. It asks for credit card details (even though it won’t charge me) and I don’t own one today. Besides, I’m hesitant of sharing that information at this point in time.
4. Django is like a plugin on Openshift which makes it much leaner from management perspective for me.

Checkout if you haven’t.

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