How Google Saved My Day

Fresh off the press – I misplaced my phone just now and got it back. Thanks to my friend Shreyas and Google.

I remember the days when we used to save contacts on our phone vs sim. The sim was always safer because if the phone had issues, changing the sim to another phone restored the contacts. The two problems with this were:
– If your phone was stolen or misplaced, you lost all contacts.
– Saving on sim card meant you could only save a few tens of contacts.

When I migrated to Android in September 2012, I had a painful time trying to feed in all my contacts. I exported it to some random files and imported it and cleaned it up. When I later upgraded to Moto G about 11 months back, I saw the same challenge. I decided to sync my phone contacts with my Gmail account which was a better decision.

30 mins back, I handed over my phone to a friend to watch a video and forgot to collect it. He dropped me home and headed back. As I was checking 5 mins later I realized I had misplaced it and I wasn’t sure if it was with him or at the tea shop we were having lemon tea.

I frantically opened my laptop, logged into my Skype and started pinging people randomly who were still up and working (thanks to my previous job). Shreyas responded immediately and called my phone first. When he wasn’t getting any answer, I opened my Gmail Contacts and handed him my friend’s number. The communication went through and I reached our rendezvous point, picked my phone.

Phew! That was close and yet tells me how reliant technology can be even at 12 am in the morning. I only had a PC in my hand to realize how important my phone was! There wasn’t any way I could have connected with my friend who had my phone. I wouldn’t get it until tomorrow evening perhaps. I’d have had to make a few phone calls which wouldn’t have been possible until morning. And we all have work to do through the day.

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