How (not) to Board a Bus

My addition to this post by Girl With The Jacket –

In my younger days I used to fancy the idea of boarding in moving trains and buses, a thing every Mumbaikar inevitably learns. Missing your bus/train is never an option because it has a ripple effect on other things for example – if you have connecting buses/trains which ease your travel or make you reach a place on time.

When I was in my second year of Engineering, I did a daredevil act. My friends and I saw this bus from far off which would take us back to our hostel. We decided to race and board it. The bus had started moving however one of them succeeded and I was second.

As the bus picked up pace, I got a firm grip on the handle on my left hand side. There was this guy standing on the right hand side as an obstruction between the handle and me. I tried telling him to move but he won’t listen or understand. The bus had really begun accelerating by then and I had to decide if I would climb or get stuck under somehow because I couldn’t run with the bus now.

In a split second, I decided to let go, I fell down because I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the bus. It was the rear end of the bus which I had tried to board and I could see the bus whiz past as I decided in a split second to turn my head right. I don’t know how close I was but I’d figure really close.

My heart beat really fast as I stood up. The entire town had witnessed this scene. My friends who had chosen to board the next bus were shocked and chose to stay quiet as I tried to laugh it off. Anyway, you guys get the moral of the story.

Oddly enough, when I met my friend who had boarded the bus, he said to me the bus conductor yelled at the guy who was standing on the steps for his stupidity. While it might sound relieving, I fear to attempt any such stunt again. Between life and bus to catch for an important meeting, I would choose a taxi well in advance.

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