As of Wednesday, I am jobless. My supposed sabbatical of a week has a lot to teach me. Sitting at my office on Tuesday night, I felt really emotional sending out my goodbye email. It felt like saying goodbye to your first muse and love. Clichéd as it sounds, my reactions were similar. I sent out that mail and ran away from my desk.

My thoughts take me back to my first kiss, it was like this moment of peace that I got sucked into. A black hole which kept me floating in zero gravity. My eyes, fixated at some point in time. Mind blank and ears filling itself with The Rain Song. It had not rained, yet the clouds filled the sky as if it had wished to.

Returning back to Tuesday, it was similar, it rained. I had woken up that morning to a bad dream and moved on to listen to If On A Winter’s Night by Sting. The live show shot at Durham Cathedral had it’s musical effect on the dark emotions of the album intertwined with mine own. The walk downstairs in the middle of the night was long, cold and eternal.

I will miss the nights, I suppose.

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