Influences: A Story on Appreciating People

It is hard to describe the influences one has on your life. I’m sure many of us do not think and take this for granted. Many others might name tens of persons – musicians, philosophers, programmers, artists, writers, parents, great personalities, politicians, movie stars and more and yet they might be missing someone.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting many people who have influenced my life. This was a significant change in my thought process brought about by my mother. I have always noticed her appreciating the good things in the people she didn’t like. The perspective baffled me because I had never seen anybody else having that maturity. I still believe, we do lack that sense in us and perhaps it is psychological where you only associate the bitter feelings you had with the other person.

For me, learning this appreciation was bitter sweet. I began slowly disassociating the person’s bad from the person’s good and realized it was always an opportunity to better myself. This also began reflecting itself when it came to me accepting my shortcomings or my mistakes when others pointed it out. I realize where my first reaction to feedback was anger, it now transformed into patient listening and later introspection.

Perhaps I still have a long way to go but this post is about how you can have your colleagues and friends and even others whom you meet influence your life and you. At the end of the day, if you are transformed into learning one new thing and appreciating the person who taught you even if you dislike them, they have influenced you. This change even transcends to the fact that you might be an influencer for somebody else which you would never know.

This post is a testament to all the people who have influenced my life so far and I hope to be influenced by the others I am yet to meet.

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