I watched this movie and was impressed by the space-time continuum description. A friend had described her experience of the movie as ‘eye-gasmic’ but what it left behind were questions and possibilities.

When I was 15, I wanted to be an astronaut and a bit later a physicist. Quantum Mechanics amazed me and also relativity. As time passed, I never found the inspiration to read any of this and this movie brought those days back. I also had one of those rare moments, when I sat gaping and exclaiming aloud as events of a movie unfolded in a theatre.

I asked myself how could five dimensional world exist but it was still a simpler question to answer. The tough one was – ‘If time travel existed how did the person of the future guide the person of the past when he came in from the future not knowing whether future existed?’ To understand this I compared it to a circle.

A circle has infinite points and you could begin with any point. This would make it impossible to decipher where the circle really began. Similarly, with time, the entry and exit points of any person is reliant on everything around it. This should explain that you simultaneously exist in past and future because the differentiating factor is the existence and non existence of the ‘time dimension’.

Yes, I might be totally wrong and talking my ass off but I want to verify when I get a chance to read more on the subject.

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