Know God

Found this quote on a board in the park Know God, Know Peace No God, No Peace I wondered if it could be Know God, No Peace No God, Know Peace It's all about perspective! Happy weekend.

The Last Drink

"When I was a kid", he spoke softly, "I liked clicking photographs." The hearth had a fire and his hand, a glass of Whiskey. The air was cold and the chair rocked to his swing. "I also liked to be in them and smile for them but nobody cared to have me in their films."... Continue Reading →

Baran – Parvaaz

Back in June when I was playing with Mahesh Raghunandan, we had the opportunity to open for Parvaaz. I remember walking into B Flat and listening to the sound check and being amazed. We played our gig and Parvaaz walked in, gave a great performance to a house full crowd. I walked away thinking I need... Continue Reading →


A prayer Would echo the long halls While you sat, solemn and full of faith Did you wish? As I understand - no Gods wouldn't laugh at your ways It was deep and meant something No, it wasn't thankfulness It was devotion And why? I shall never know A mountain of joy And another of... Continue Reading →

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