While I would never touch upon this facet of philosophy, this is what many might look forward to – understanding meditation.

Meditation is about focus and channelising your inner energy. Clichéd it might sound and yet it is not. The power of being able to focus on your goal and executing it to perfection lies in ability, skill and meditation. The ultimate goal being seeing beyond your vision and opening your mind towards the unexplored.

You have reached finality when you can close your eyes, listen and strike a balance between concentration and alertness.

There is a thin line of difference between concentration and alertness, concentration helps you focus and remain undeterred while alterness helps you assess if the dynamics of the situation you are concentrating upon has really changed. They are mutually exclusive and yet complement each other forming a perfect paradox.

Now coming to the details –
1. Close your eyes and begin with Pranayama 10 times. – Deep breathing technique helps you clear your mind of all distractions and thoughts.
2. Chant the Gayatri Mantra and stay focussed on it disallowing yourself to think of anything else – the key is not to force yourself to think or beat yourself up if you end up getting distracted. Bring yourself back to your empty state of mind slowly without applying any pressure whatsoever.

Once you have achieved a state where you can do this, let go of the mantra and slowly focus on the silence around you. You should be able to listen to every detail of sound around your silence without making judgements or labeling the sound itself. You could also go one step further to classify different sounds while still being able to maintain an empty state of mind.

Some might wonder what is need of such perfection, this perfection is extremely hard to perceive, let alone achieve it. As you get there, you learn a lot about yourself and your will power, patience, maturity, so on. Your cognitive senses become much sharper and you come to understand yourself.

Philosophy is not what you read in books, it intertwines with your thought process. A man who looks at the mirror with content is the man who is at peace.

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