Beneath all the glamour, flavour and masks we put, the roles we play as sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, friends, uncles, aunts and even strangers, we are aimless. Our purpose we seek and define with the fantasies that fascinate our hearts. We have settled and yet we are nomadic. When we return to our beds in the comfort of our homes at night, we sleep and seldom ask if the day was worth it. Our measures are quantified and qualified by our desires and they define us. We are.

Imagine a mind without thought – what would it think? Nothing and still anything or everything. The mind would have a dialect and possibly reflect upon its origin and purpose and that is deceit. The trick was always to question, for there are no answers. The power of being able to control the thought, define with precision, communicate and comprehend is immense. The effort put in behind the establishment of a complex web which is capable of self functioning is massive. And so what about the effort put in just to be?

We are whatever we want and do not want to be. We are empty and full. Our collective souls put together makes the identity of the being we worship as god. We are eternal, we are life, death and cosmos.

We function and there the circle ends.

Tat tvam asi.

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