March On

When darkness shrouds your palace And you await the sign Hang in there my friend A ray of light will shine Preachers preach, doers do Look within, not what surrounds you You are like the water, gentle yet fierce A tide will rise soon March on, the day will come You have many miles to... Continue Reading →

Agent Forwarding with Paramiko

TL;DR In this post, I will walk through a challenge I faced with agent forwarding on paramiko and how I solved it. Background Before we get started, it would be a good idea to go through SSH Keys, Agents and Linux. This post requires a good understanding of agent forwarding to be able to grasp the... Continue Reading →

SSH Keys, Agents and Linux

TL;DR In this post, I will walk through SSH, SSH Agents and a few key Linux concepts around them. Terminologies Client - Any machine that wishes to connect to a remote system. Server - Any machine that accepts connection from a client. User - The user as which the client will connect to a server.... Continue Reading →

Timeouts and Retries

TL;DR In this post, I will walk through how to use timeouts and retries with Celery. The Code Refer this gist Code Walkthrough This part will cover some of the functions and their results Func: timeout_test This simple function shows how a timeout exception can be caught. Note that the timeout has been defined in... Continue Reading →

Playing with Chords – Celery

TL;DR In this post, I will walk through how to use "chord" structure in Celery. The Basics Chords is a complex workflow that is present in Celery. It is a combination of two things - Groups - Groups are a way of combining several independent tasks so that they run in parallel. In a previous post,... Continue Reading →

Celery – Groups, Loops & Parallelism

TL;DR In the post, I am exploring a few questions I had with Celery and parallelism on it using groups and implementing the same feature using blocking for loop and non-blocking for loop. I decided to do these experiments based on certain optimization challenges on an application I am working on. The Question I have... Continue Reading →

To Optimize or Not To Optimize

TL;DR Oft times, coding is trying to find a balance between multiple parameters. Some good factors we measure code upon are - Performance Efficiency Speed Correctness Occasionally, we do miss out on factors such as - Readability Ease of Troubleshooting In this post, I will walk you through an interesting case I encountered while developing... Continue Reading →

When “Private” Ceases to Exist

Data Collection, Data Profiling and Issues With the advent of the 21st century, connected devices are becoming the norm. Each hacking incident draws eyeballs on the security of the device and/or the services we use. Google, Facebook, Apple and most other companies are collecting data about us for targeted marketing and advertising, ways to seek new... Continue Reading →

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